The "R" is back


Its been over a year now and I need to get my blog on again. So I'm coming back, hopefully others will return as well. Within a few weeks I hope to have a new logo for the site made by the ever creative G.

a fond farewell


Hey all.

I just launched a new site over at, so I don't think I'll really be able to keep kickin' it over here.

*Sniff sniff*

It's been fun.


who are you?


This isn't nearly as abstract or depressing as my last post, I promise. Sometimes I just like to go through my site statistics and find out more about you all.

What web browser do you use?
Mozilla/Firefox/Camino 73.3%
IE6 25%
Safari 1%
AOL .5%
Konqueror OneGuy%

Thanks all. Firefox is great, and I definitely embrace the Safari and Konqueror people. I can't feel bad about the 25% on IE...I mean, the Internet average is somewhere around 90.

Conclusion: Smart people.

What is your screen resolution?
1024x768 38%
Some weird size 37%
800x600 22%
1280x1024 2%
1152x864 1%
1600x1280 TwoPeople%

I'm running 1400x1050, by the way, so if you have a smaller size, let me know if the site doesn't look right. I never get to do all the testing I need to.

Conclusion: The people with the 1600x1280 monitors are rich. I am not.

What OS do you run?
Windows XP 74%
Windows 98 22%
Windows 2000 2%
Mac OS X 1.3%
Linux .5%
Windows ME .2% guys are really open source on browsers, but not so much on the OSs. I get that, but it's just an interesting observation.

Conclusion: The Mac OS X number would be slightly larger if I had more money. 22% of you are stubborn. .2% of you are just sad.

Other trends:
-You visit a lot on Mondays and Wednesdays. Saturdays? Not so much.
-between 9:00 and 11:00 Eastern is your time of choice. Five of you visited in the 4:00 AM hour, and that makes me question you somewhat. Unless you're not American, in which case I'd love to know about you so I can brag that I have an international blog. 'Cause those are awesome.

I'd love to know more about you!




I'm not afraid of death.

Not that it's upon me.

But I have deteriorating eyesight, deteriorating hearing, as well as knees and ankles. My immune system is increasingly ineffective. And I'm 17.

Not that there aren't people worse off. Nay, half my friends are in a worse situation. My difficulties aren't severe, and I know some peoples' are. And none of my problems lead to death.

But I'm not afraid of death.

No, I'm afraid that I may someday not walk, someday not think, not see, or hear, or smell, or speak.

I'm not afraid of death.

I'm afraid of knowing that I'm not really living.


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